Cicada, Ladybug - A NOVELLA

When their grandfather goes missing, teenage Santiago and seven-year-old Izzy fear being separated. To raise his little brother, Santiago sacrifices a scholarship to Duke and often outwits Immigration Control, but when Izzy fights a classmate, Santiago struggles to teach him that real men avoid violence – without revealing that in order to provide for him, he has joined MS-13, America’s most dangerous gang.

"The incredible juxtaposition of heartfelt tenderness and intense action gives it the depth, passion and sincerity of Hemingway and Kerouac combined. Loved the entire read." - Emma on Amazon
"The writing is both fast-paced and acute, giving us frightening action while still diving into the emotional details. The author uses creative and unexpectedly on-point metaphors to describe what the characters are doing. It's a fun and quick read that will have you curious, in suspense, and a little horrified (in a good way). Definitely recommend." - Pete on Amazon

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